I worked at a place called Noodles and Company for three years.  It made me appreciate good, fresh and simple product. It also enabled me to eat entirely too much pasta for the years I was there.

Side note: If there is a Noodles and Company near you, you should GO EAT THERE, its a great inexpensive lunch or dinner that is fresh and DELICIOUS…I no longer work there but still love to eat there whenever I am near one! 🙂

ANYWAYS, since I ate so much pasta while I was there, I found myself never eating pasta anywhere else. When I go out to eat, I always find myself ordering something other than pasta as well.  The portions are WAY too big or the pasta is over-cooked….then this past summer we went to Italy….and I fell in love with pasta all over again. The pasta there is nothing short of amazing. Fresh and simple ingredients is all you need make a great pasta dish.

This pasta dish reminds me of the ones we had in Italy.  The bacon, walnuts, spinach and parmesan are an amazing combo I wouldn’t of thought to put together, but it is oh so good. A little lemon juice over the top balances it out PERFECTLY. I used this recipe, we used bacon instead of pancetta and just onion instead of shallots… enjoy with a nice glass of wine ! 🙂 


About purplepeanutbutter0

We are Alex and Megan. We love to cook, eat and travel. Both of us grew up being very picky but we have learned to love and appreciate food through making almost everything from scratch. It has taught us to truly cherish what we eat day in and day out.This blog will show our daily love of cooking dinner and desserts!
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